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I decided to offer this astrological report through my website as a way of assisting you to understand what may be coming up in the astrological energies for you in the future, or as a way to understand what may have already happened and why. The Time-Line report helps you to make sense, from an astrological energy perspective, of the situations and circumstances in your life. Each planetary body rules certain energy dynamics, and how those planets affect our astrological birth charts during any time period gives you an idea of the experiences, lessons, or healing that you are moving through at any particular time in your life. Read more below!


Timeline reports give you information of what to expect in the future of your life. It is considered a forecasting report. However, they can also be used to go back in time to understand more fully what was happening at a particular time period of your life in the past. These reports can be created for 1, 3, 6 or 12 month periods of time and can include transits, progressions, eclipses, and more.


Please click on the link below and submit the form before purchasing your report.


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