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Oracle Reading

  • 15 min
  • 45 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Oracle cards are most often based on, fortune, spirituality, wisdom to name only a few. Oracle cards are often guided by imagery. The combinations of cards positioned next to each other have significant meanings. The dog next to the man could mean you are making new friends, maybe a gentleman is entering your life, especially if next to the heart or the ring. The Oracle Decks I use are: Journey of Love, a beautiful deck focused on love readings. Today's message is Self-Initiation. Recognize your own bright light and that you are Love, you are One with the Divine and with everything and everyone and life is your greatest teacher. Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards are a favorite Oracle tool of mine. These extremely accurate and insightful cards provide a psychic barometer of what might be coming there difficulty ahead? Am I in a place to sit back and ride the tide of happiness and success? Caroline Myss's Archetype Cards are a means to delve deep down into your psyche. A reading will provide answers to specific questions, such as do you see a history of overcoming financial and physical odds over and over? Do you see a pattern of manipulative behavior in yourself or others? What fears have the most control over me? If there is a desire to look further into yourself, a Life Coaching Session could include a deeper study of the Archetype Cards to provide a more in-depth understanding of your subconscious patterns, fears and dreams. If you’re looking for further confirmation or guidance, I recommend a Universal Message reading. This is where I use a combination of a Pendulum, Tarot, Animal and Oracle Cards to help gain greater clarity. If you would like an appointment after hours please contact me by email and we can work something out.

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