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About Me


Bobbie Langdon has been offering Intuitive Services for more than 25 years. A wonderful man and woman could not have a child of their own and brought me into their home at 5 weeks of age. As a young child I felt different and just knew things. My parents told me that we were going to see about adopting a brother. I was 2 1/2 years old and told them, no we are bringing him home. In an effort not to disappoint me, my dad kept repeating we are just talking about it. At the end of the meeting, I had been holding a baby boy while my parents met with a staff member-- I asked if we could take him home because I wanted him to be my brother. The lady said yes and I turned to my dad, hands on my hips and said, "I told you so". He told me then that he will always listen to me because I just know things. 


At about the age of 40, I had my first reading. The reader told me I should be doing this. Two more readings and two different readers said the same. I bought a deck of cards and studied. A friend who had an amazing connection and a very successful business was in an automobile accident and could not continue. I asked if I could read for her. If she gave me a thumb's up, I would move on. Better than a thumb's up, she gifted me all of her decks. What a wonderful gift that has been....and continues to be. Maybe you are at a period in your life where you are stuck, not sure what to do next, not sure you want to continue doing what you have been trained to do or maybe you just feel there is something more.


A Tarot Card Reading with Bobbie might give you just the answer you need to move through this time in your life. Perfect. An Oracle Reading will help you gain insight within yourself. You might choose to do an Oracle Reading or maybe choose Oracle cards for further insight or confirmation. You might learn from a Life Coaching Session that a change is warranted. Working together we can discover exactly what is right and the path to follow to come to that conclusion. Additional services such as Akashik Record Readings open the door to your soul's evolution. Discover

the wisdom and knowledge passed down through your own personal Akashik records. Personal connections may be achieved through an Animal Reading using symbolism from animal cards or an Angel Reading tapping into the Angels walking with you throughout your life or just at this particular time. Pendulum Readings reveal immediate responses to a particular question or questions, which often proves to be extremely helpful in confirming a decision. Through study and wisdom of the ages, my services and connection to the Divine have grown. I invite you to look through Bobbie's Intuitive Services to book online.

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